China referee Ma Ning appeared in the World Cup for the fourth time as the fourth official.

On November 28th, 2022, after the second round of Group G in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, the Serbian team drew 3-3 with Cameroonian team. This is a World Cup group match full of Super League elements: Serbian coach stojkovic coached Guangzhou R&F team before; Cameroonian winger Bassogo came off the bench. The Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid is one of only two World Cup players in the Super League. China referee Ma Ning, who made his World Cup debut again after 21 years, made his fourth appearance as the fourth official.

Only attack and not defend. Serbia copied Guangzhou R&F.

Style, 3-1 lead. Serbia actually staged the capture and release of Cao and watched the ducks fly away. Of course, if you are a follower of the Super League and have watched several R&F games in Guangzhou, you will know that this is the routine operation of head coach stojkovic. Gorgeous style of play, first-class attack but third-rate defense, stojkovic’s slightly extreme style of play, copied and pasted Guangzhou R&F of Chinese Super League team to Serbian team.

Serbian team is a technical team in Europe, which is closely related to football in China. Now Serbian head coach stojkovic has been coaching Guangzhou R&F for many years, which has turned R&F into an offensive team with extremely luxurious attack but great defensive loopholes. In addition to the head coach playing the Super League brand, Serbian players also have old acquaintances of the Super League. Gudley, who sat on the bench and stood by, once played for Guangzhou Evergrande and was a blue-collar player with both offensive and defensive skills.

Lagging behind, reversing, expanding the score, and then being equalized, Serbia’s interpretation of the game plot is ups and downs, which is enough to make fans cry for “quick-acting rescue pills”. In fact, this is stojkovic’s coaching style: no attack, no death for me. When he coached R&F, stojkovic was also a faithful believer in attacking football. He often breaks through the front line, but the defense line is wide open. It is his football style to score more goals than others.

Coming off the bench, Bassogo earned foreign exchange for Shenhua.

After Cameroon equalized the score, Shanghai Shenhua’s foreign aid Bassogo finally came off the bench. He also became the second Super League player to appear in this World Cup after Sun Zhunhao. Interestingly, Shenhua’s unpaid salary this season was deducted by the China Football Association by 6 points, but the whole team was always twisted into a rope and United. In addition, the share reform of Shenhua Club has also made positive progress, which is expected.

When Shenhua Club was short of money, foreign aid Bassogo played for Cameroon, which was not only the glory of Shenhua, but also brought real money directly. FIFA will give the club a total of $209 million as a subsidy for international players to participate in the World Cup. FIFA will pay each player $10,000 every day (from November 14th until the player’s national team is eliminated). This means that FIFA will also give about $180,000 to the international players eliminated in the group stage.

It is estimated that Bassogo’s Shanghai Shenhua team can get at least 1.2 million yuan in subsidies. If Cameroon can advance to the knockout stage, Shenhua can get more subsidies from FIFA. Shanghai Shenhua Club, which is a little short of money at present, should also expect Bassogo and Cameroon to advance to the top 16, or even further.

Smile and be confident, Ma Ning shows the wind of generals.

When Bassogo appeared in disguise, the fourth referee happened to be Ma Ning, which made China fans smile at this moment. The contest between Seville and Cameroon is very fierce, and the two teams also have old acquaintances in the Super League. Interestingly, China referee Ma Ning continues to be the No.4 official this time, which is the fourth time that he has participated in the law enforcement of this tournament as the No.4 official.

During the match, when the head coaches of the two teams had a dispute over a penalty, Ma Ning communicated with a very professional smile and fluent English, showing the demeanor of a general. In the 21st minute, there was something wrong with the communication equipment of the referee Hassan, and Ma Ning appeared in time to help Hassan sort out the communication equipment. In this World Cup, China referees Ma Ning, Shi Xianghe and Yi Cao were selected. This is the second time that the China referee team has reached the World Cup finals after a lapse of 21 years, with Ma Ning as the referee and Shi Xianghe as the assistant referee.

After Ma Ning was elected as the referee of this World Cup, the AFC made a separate report on Ma Ning in its official website, thinking that he was “the mainstay of Chinese Super League referees”. Ma Ning also expressed his gratitude for being selected into the big list: “Thanks to FIFA and AFC for giving me the opportunity to enforce the World Cup, and I will try my best to show the world the highest level of my law enforcement. My dream is to enforce the World Cup. When I became an international referee in 2011, the dream of enforcing the World Cup became a goal. Now, my goal has been achieved, and it is my responsibility to enforce the World Cup.

However, Ma Ning has been the fourth official and has not yet appeared as a referee. There are also fans in China who expect that referee China can show a high level on the highest stage of football in the context of China’s men’s soccer missing the World Cup, which can be regarded as giving China football a long face.

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