According to the Manchester Evening News, Manchester City central defender Akanji talked about the topic related to Gua Shuai in an interview, saying that Gua Shuai always wanted to inspire their morale.

Referring to the last game against Tottenham, Akanji said: “You always try to do anything on the pitch, but sometimes it doesn’t work, but it works for Tottenham.” We played well when we came back from half-time. We scored four goals in the second half and didn’t concede any more.

“Guashuai’s speech in the dressing room may be helpful to us and boost our morale. Maybe that’s what he wants. I think we showed a good reaction in the game. The result is not always as we planned and hoped, but we won the last three games, so I think this is a good turning point. I hope we can keep winning streak.

Akanji went on to say, “I feel good around this group of teammates. Obviously, there are many excellent players in our front, middle and back. We played well. Whenever I get a chance to play, I will try my best to show my best. I have confidence in my teammates who play with me. I think we can see this from the last few games.

“Every game is very important, but there are still many games in January and February, and the Champions League is back. This is another important game. We can’t lose any games, we can’t lose points, we know this, and every game starts with an attitude of getting 3 points. “

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