Liverpool lost to Brighton 1-2 in the game that ended last night. Liverpool manager klopp talked about his views on the team after the game.

The performance of the team

We’re here to advance to the next round. Considering the game a few weeks ago, we are in a bad state. So today our performance is much better. But in the end, we lost two goals on the set-pieces. We almost crossed the gap, but when the set-pieces don’t work, you need to do something different, so we still have a long way to go to avoid losing the ball. Obviously, this feeling is not good, but we need to put up with it.

The team scored first, but the result was not satisfactory, and the result was not satisfactory

This is different. The situation in the first half of the year was very good. With or without the ball, Jiakebo helped us a lot in the middle. Elliott also played a role on the left and defense. The midfield did the same thing, but we changed after the adjustment. It takes some skill for nunes to do these things. He is not used to it. We need more training to get him involved better.

Against a good team like Brighton, if they don’t stand well in all positions, then suddenly … they just work hard for this gap. As long as they find this gap, they will pass the ball, whether it is mcallister, Welbeck, Gross or Ferguson. We limited the gap well most of the time, but suddenly we didn’t do well.

We didn’t bear that much pressure, and we had our moments in the late stage of the game. This is football, anything is possible. Once again, the team happened after the set-pieces, and then there should be no set-pieces, because we have pushed the ball out at the top stage. Konate has experienced many such moments. As you can see, I think he can win the top class, but if I am 100% right, mcallister can get the ball without foul. But it’s a little late now. It has already happened. We still have room for improvement. We have made progress, but we still need to improve.

Promote the team

Of course, this is very important. I think this is a way to be eliminated in the cup. If we are in good shape, get 10 more points in the league and lose to Brighton here, you will say, “respect.” They did a good job. But we are obviously in a state of constantly wanting to take the last step, which is why we feel particularly bad now, because we have not done so. But we have made progress in the right direction. It is conceivable that no one wants to hear this sentence. I don’t want to, but it’s right. This means that we must continue.

We are going to fight wolves again, and we have to work hard again. That’s what happened. We must continue to work hard, we must improve, we must do better, the body language of several players must be better, and the defense of several players must be improved. We didn’t win last time, and we have no chance to win. I’m glad we have gained more. Today, I think no one will be surprised if we win the game, so we won’t say, “What’s going on?” So it was good, but today and the game were not good enough, which is why we were eliminated.

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