On December 31st, 2022, the 2022 Super League experienced 34 rounds of fierce fighting and finally came to a successful conclusion. Super League Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Super League VR Champion Night Edition with the digital collection and the meta-universe platform Geetaverse, held the Super League championship celebration in the meta-universe for the first time, and released the digital collection of the Super League Vulcan Cup for the first time.

For the first time, the super meta-universe realized the connection between the sports meta-universe scene and the underlying blockchain technology. Focusing on the activities and operations of the Super League and the digital metauniverse, it has created a precedent for the domestic sports IP metauniverse and continuously empowered the construction and extension of the metauniverse ecology.

Geetaverse, as the exclusive operation partner of Hyperuniverse, has been providing all-round development and operation support for the ecological construction of Hyperuniverse. The launch of the Super Universe VR Champion Night Edition is a major update to the existing ecology of the Super Universe, and fans can immerse themselves in the joy of the Champion Night no matter where they are. In the night scene of winning the championship, colorful fireworks are blooming from a unique starry sky perspective, and the holographic image of the team emblem of the champion club will also rise in Ran Ran under the witness of the Super League fans.

In order to further enrich the interactive experience, with the launch of the winning night version of Super League Universe VR, Super League teamed up with Geetaverse for the first time to launch a limited-edition digital Vulcan Cup series. The design of this series truly restores the Super League championship trophy. The main part is composed of the beacon tower of the Great Wall, winding and circling, and the top is surrounded by glittering football, with a solemn shape. Users with digital Vulcan Cup collections can not only feel the exquisite design of Vulcan Cup from the first perspective, but also unlock the hidden scene of the championship night in the meta-universe in a limited time, and even drive the virtual image in the meta-universe to experience the glorious moment of winning the championship trophy.

Geetaverse is independently developed based on Geecochain, the bottom platform of self-developed blockchain, and has accumulated rich experience in the field of value development and immersive experience of sports IP. Since its establishment, Geetaverse has cooperated with authoritative events, institutions and top athletes such as China Tennis Tour, China Football Association, Peking University Sports, and Anna Schell Bakova, the champion of Beijing Winter Olympics, and stood out with rich and excellent IP, focusing on creating digital collections that are more favored by the younger generation. Combined with professional collection design, distribution, display and acquisition capabilities, popular IP in the circle can be permanently treasured by fans, providing fans with a more immersive interactive experience.

Metauniverse is the business direction that Geetaverse actively explores. On September 9th, 2022, the “Super Universe Innovation and Exploration Plaza” initiated by China ICT Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was formally established. Geetaverse, as a co-sponsor, became the first member unit together with the head participants of Ant Group, Tencent Cloud Computing, ByteDance, China Telecom and other industries, and actively explored the content generation, scene landing, industrial development, supervision and governance of the Metauniverse.

Since the launch of the Super Universe App in November 2022, Geetaverse has continuously launched a series of colorful theme activities such as “Rhythm Gatekeeper Competition” and “World Football Day”, attracting many fans to participate. Inspired by Cyberpunk style, Geetaverse has customized a series of “CSL- Super Universe” digital series for the Super Universe, from colorful club theme meta-Universe jerseys to a wide variety of cyber equipment and digital football with unique design, providing a more immersive interactive experience for the majority of Super League fans in the meta-universe.

Super League and Geetaverse will also develop more advanced and fun functions based on the “Super League Universe” APP and VR version jointly created, and constantly explore and promote the digitalization process of Super League. In the future, the Hyperuniverse will join hands with more ecological partners to build integration, organically combine virtual reality, blockchain and leagues, and link fans, teams, business partners and technology participants in the more diverse universe and VR field to create a new space for the value of the Hyperuniverse.

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